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weird dream about canoga

ok so last night i had the weirest dream ive ever had. i was in Mrs. Saum's room and it was Fransciso, Oscar me and then Zoleiby and then the other row was Raul, Ana, Woody and then Matthew and Luis was on the other side of the room like he always was, well either way, the dream went that me, Zoleiby ,Ana and Woody were talking and i didnt even notice matthew and all of a sudden, he starts talking to me with this attitude, which is really weird cuz matthew never gave me attitude when i was going to school with him, but either way, he was and then Isaac came in, and he started shit with matthew and i was trying to like help matthew cuz in the dream, his ankle was hurt again and isaac was pushing him everywhere and i was yelling at isaac to leave matt alone and matt would just yell at me to leave them alone and then for no reason at all, jimmy comes in the room and sits on mi desk and im like wtf?? and them a bunch of other ppl came in like charles, chu(edward), sasha, britnee,, practally, everyone that was in the S.A.S and this big 'ol fight broke out and i woke up. like i said, it was a really really weird dream
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