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Melinda...The Chik From The Valley
23 December
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Chester Bennington Wants To Be Buff
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hey! im melinda and mi last name is orihuela.. nah i wish *TIMOTHY!!!* but mi last name is quintero and i went to columbus middle school in San Fernando valley and i was hopping to go to canoga park high school; which idk how that would have worked out cuz i would have had mi cousin jonthan looking after me 24/7; but instead i was made to go to quartz hill high*ick* well im 5'5 i have well.. there really isnt one color oto mi hair, theres like 5 i have black, red, blonde, orange and of course, brown(mi natural color) well im mexican.."GOALASO..ASO ASO ASO ASO" i think thats how u spell it, if ur mexican and u watch soccerthen u should kno, or might kno wut the fuck im talking about. this will be mi second year at QHHS and hopefully ill be taking extra classes at AVC.. for u ppl who dont kno its antelope valley college.. hopefully ill be taking classes in science cuz i wanna eventually go into the field of forensics.

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